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14th December 2017
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What is safe procedure to drive in Snow?

What guidance do you provide your employees?

The clear advice we would ask you to give is referring to the Highway Code, use as high a gear as possible and as low speed as necessary. Understanding the grip brakes have, how and when to brake and steer. Also have they got the basic necessities in the car in case of getting stuck – a snow shovel, water, blanket, keep the fuel well topped up in bad weather. If necessary get snow socks for the car.

Are you aware that a driver should make sure all windows are clear, all lights are clear and clear the roof of the car of snow as needed?

Look at the video below – the possible problems with not clearing snow off the car:

Ever wondered why not clearing your roof can earn you 3 points and a £60 fine? Wonder no more…(Not my footage FYI)

Posted by Rich Jones on Tuesday, 12 December 2017


If this isn’t done, the driver cant see clearly and so could be committing a moving traffic offence punishable by points and fines.

Points and fines could affect your company insurance premiums and therefore profits.

Points and fines also fall onto the driver and could potentially mean they could lose their licence and be unable to do the job you employ them for. Do you sack them? Do you relocate them? What are the HR and management problems around these thorny issues?

Given that we are coming into the season where some snow is likely – frost and de-icing the car every morning is going to be the norm, why do many companies just trust the driver will know?

By the way – is this your driver above?

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