Why do you need to get your Driver CPC training sorted NOW?

Countdown to CPC Deadline T-86 weeks!
16th January 2017
Advanced Driving
21st March 2017
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After all, the deadline isn’t yet, is it?

All my drivers don’t need it until 2019.

We may be leaving Europe before the deadline.

We are too busy just now.

The courses don’t teach us anything we don’t know.

My drivers don’t like sitting in classrooms.

We can’t spare the drivers this week.

Someone is on holiday.

We’ve been in business X (insert number as needed) years and always got by.

My drivers wont listen to anything you tell them anyway.

There. 10 reasons why you can’t. Here is one reason why you can:

Planning makes better business, and taking control of this will make your business better.

It is (as I write this) 18 months until the PCV deadline and 30 months until the LGV deadline.
As most PCV / LGV drivers have yet to start their Driver CPC training, to complete the required 5 days, for PCV drivers they need a day every 4 months and LGV one every 6 months.
That is, if they start now.
Putting off starting by 6 months means they then will need 5 days in 12 months (PCV) or 18 months (LGV).
As was the case last time around when demand exceeds supply, what is likely to happen to price?

Perhaps more relevantly, what is going to happen is that as a business you will find it progressively more difficult to get training in evenings and weekends so this will affect your business as demand for these times is taken. This means a knock on effect for your customers. It means you will end up taking drivers off the road during the week to accommodate CPC training which is mandatory, and your customer service levels will suffer – whilst at the same time having to pay other drivers overtime or employ agency drivers to cover them. All at a cost to you, the employer.

Driver CPC is not going to go away however we exit the EU, whatever the exit process and the deal Britain as a country gets. It will not abolish the necessity to have rules for drivers and training to ensure they are updated.

Backhouse Jones, specialists in Logistics and Transport Law, wrote an excellent article after the vote to Leave was announced:


We have extensive experience of delivering road safety training, CPC, First Aid, Customer Service, and business management training to industry, and can help you arrange and schedule this training from you and make CPC drive your business forward.

There are always commercial pressures to take into account, which we understand.

However, you need to be compliant whether you agree with the rules or not – causing and permitting a driver to drive without a valid DQC attracts a penalty of up to £1000 and the holder of the “O” licence (operators licence) will be called to appear before the Traffic Commissioner.


We can provide you with courses that can help you to ensure you get more from your drivers and ensure they understand the legal framework to prevent offending. If required we can register specific courses to ensure you are able to have a bespoke course to suit your needs. ADR and Transport Manager CPC can be arranged subject to demand.

Further to that we can help them understand why changes have come into force – such as the change in the penalties for mobile phone rules on 01 March 2017 when points and fines move from 3/£100 to 6/£200.

Call or email mow to ensure we can make sure you are able to get the dates you need to help your business budget and manage the CPC provision and get your drivers through in a planned structured way.

Alan Drabble