Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health is a massive issue in our society.

Some statistics for you to think about:

1 in 4 people suffer from mental ill health at some point in their lives.

In 2017 there were nearly 6000 suicides in the UK, and 75% of these were male.

There are nearly 4.5 million vans and 500,000 truck

s being driven in the UK. Only 1 in 3 of van drivers experiencing mental health issues has discussed this with their line manager. 84 men a week take their own life.

The highest suicide rate is amongst men aged 45-49. Is that a popular age amongst drivers?

We need to work together to change the culture in the workplace and so society to allow a greater acceptance of mental health discussion and reduce stigma to get these statistics dramatically reduced.

Every 90 minutes someone takes their own life.



Men are much less likely to ask for help and so we need to encourage this by making it a higher priority within all industries. These are the industries we are from so we want to work within these industries to help them improve their workforce by better:

  • Empowerment

  • Attendance

  • Productivity.

If one of your staff was off with a broken leg, perhaps been in a crash, or with another “medical issue” you and your colleagues would be visiting them, sending cards, flowers, and chocolates. Mental health is a crucial factor within your business.

A company recruiting one member of staff  can cost £2000.

If said company has 50 employees and 5 have Mental Health issues that need managing or they may end up having to replace these staff this could result in unnecessary costs of £10000.

We can help you manage these costs and improve your company’s culture.

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