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2020 Training Solutions can now provide your company with First Aid Training
21st December 2016
Countdown to CPC Deadline T-86 weeks!
16th January 2017
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How many drivers do you have still needing 5 days of CPC each?
If you have several drivers still needing all five days CPC and you haven’t already got some booked in, please call or email us for a list of the courses we can offer you. We can do these on-site for your convenience and minimise disruption and engage the drivers to make it more productive for your business.

We understand that the response to CPC from drivers has been largely negative, so we use professional Presenters to deliver our courses who have extensive experience at managing groups. This way they can pass on their understanding and passion for the subject to ensure the drivers get more out of the training. This is what differentiates us. We deliver the Courses you want your drivers to take – we will write and register specific courses if required.

How many gaps do you have in your operations to allow them time away from their vehicle to take the required training?
Organising the logistics of Driver CPC training is an additional burden to Transport Managers / Operations Managers. We can take this burden away and organise / co-ordinate / provide details of who has done what and when for you, so releasing you from this burden.

We have clients signing up for this service, and we provide a range of courses for them to achieve their business objectives by getting drivers to take specific training, successfully targeting the business needs to grow the business.

After each course or group of courses we can detail attendance on our database, so you have an up to date picture and are aware of how “on track” you are with your CPC provision.
This will be particularly critical as we reach the CPC Deadlines in 2018 / 2019.

If your CPC training is delayed, there will be a huge rush – as there was last time. This means your business costs will soar. CPC costs for training not pre-booked will rise due to supply and demand. You will also have to take more drivers away from the vehicle at the same time causing operational problems.

There are less than 100 weeks to the PCV deadline and 150 weeks to the LGV deadline.

This means you need a course per driver planned starting now every six months to achieve your needs.

Let us provide a plan to address your company needs. Email me on alan@2020ts.co.uk or call me on 07971486474.