Countdown to CPC Deadline T-86 weeks!

CPC Deadline
1st January 2017
Why do you need to get your Driver CPC training sorted NOW?
21st February 2017
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What provision have you got in place to ensure all drivers needing Driver CPC have their training completed and on time?
Also, how have you planned the budget and the organisation of this?

We can take the organisational problem of this off your desk leaving you to run your business. You need to be running the business, ensuring the drivers are where they need to be, and delivering the services your clients expect.

Your business also needs drivers taking courses which will drive your business forward, not paying lip service to the fact drivers have to take mandatory training.

We have recently registered 2 bespoke courses for a PCV / LGV operator who we have taken the burden off in organising their training schedule. The courses are Customer Care and Drivers Hours / Vehicle Checks. The feedback on our Customer Care course was 4.9/5 for trainer competence and knowledge. Drivers need engaging in the training process and driven (excuse the pun!) to deliver better experiences for clients so you can grow your business.

We can do these courses either on-site or locally to you for your convenience. By organising training to fit into your quieter times we minimise disruption and by motivating the drivers, make it more productive for your business.

Presenters who deliver our courses have extensive experience at managing groups of drivers. We all engage with drivers, and communicate clearly and are passionate about road safety. This way they can pass on their understanding and commitment to the subject so ensuring the drivers get more out of the training.

What are your quiet times? With only 86 weeks to go, if your drivers have done less that 3 days each in this round of CPC, time is rapidly running out, which will mean there will be an impact on your company’s ability to maintain its schedules and trips. At some point if you don’t get CPC booked in you will end up hiring drivers in to cover those on CPC.

We can take the burden of organising the logistics away and organise / co-ordinate / provide details of who has done what and when for you, so releasing you to concentrate on operational matters.

Please call or email me to discuss how our clients signing up for this service have found the benefits for them – the courses we provide for them to achieve their business objectives may help you increase you profile in the market by getting drivers to take suitable training, successfully targeting your specific business needs.

After each course or group of courses we can detail attendance on our database, so you have an up to date picture and are aware of how “on track” you are with your CPC provision.

There will be a huge rush approaching the CPC deadline – as there was last time. This means your business costs will soar. CPC costs for training not pre-booked will inevitably rise due to supply and demand.

There are less than 86 weeks to the PCV deadline and 138 weeks to the LGV deadline.

Call or email me NOW so we can provide a plan to address your company needs. Email me on or call me on 07971486474.

Alan Drabble
2020 Training Solutions

Courses currently registered:
Driver First Aid
Customer Care
Drivers Hours / Vehicle Checks
Drivers Hours

We will be registering more bespoke courses for clients in the next few weeks – make sure they are yours!

Our aim is to help companies stay legal, grow their business, and promote road safety.