20mph limits in cities

Company responsibilities for Drivers
18th September 2017
14th December 2017
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Do your employees know how to identify speed limits?

I was going to ask do your employees know their limits but this could be ambiguous.

Many limits and areas are being re-designated. The traditional reason (number of Killed or Seriously Injured and the crash history this shows) is not the only reason being used to justify reductions in the limit for many people.

Sheffield City Council committed to going to 20mph limits for most residential areas in 2012, but have since committed to a 20mph limit in the centre of the city being rolled out by the end of 2017.

How many of your drivers know about this?

How many need to be told about this?

The benefits of dropping the limit from the standard 30mph are:

  • Safer places for people to live.
  • Less crashes.
  • Reduced injuries – if hit at 20 the injuries are less than at 30.
  • Encourages cycling and walking.

The link to the map of the scheme:


How does it affect you?

It probably wont affect your overall journey times or business as long as this is planned for and you resist the temptation to put drivers under pressure to rush.

Let me know if you would like to educate your drivers – we have a raft of options to encourage driver buy in. Not only to compliance but to your company safety culture too!