2020 Training Solutions can now provide your company with First Aid Training

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1st January 2017
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After having undergone exceptionally high quality training, 2020 Training Solutions’ trainers can now provide First Aid Training.

We can offer a comprehensive number of courses, which include 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work training (EFAW), the full 3 day First Aid Course, or a two day Paediatric Course which specialises in the treatment of children (this would be especially useful for school staff).

One big issue around First Aid is that employers don’t actually know what level of training or First Aid provision they need. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations were originally brought in in 1981. They are in dire need of updating – they are woefully out of date for the modern world.

According to current legislation, an employer or place of work only needs to have in place an “appointed person” if there is under 25 employees on the premises. This is a terrible under provision in our opinion – we believe every workplace, no matter what size, there should be someone who has at last one day EFAW training. Not only will this provide you, as either employer or employee, a unique advantage over employee First Aid but it is a good qualification to have as an individual.

If you are a low risk workplace, having an appointed may seem more than enough. However, cardiac arrests outside hospitals are on the rise – there were 30,000 sudden cardiac arrests in the UK per year – and that number is on the rise. Without immediate treatment, 90-95% of these victims will die. If this happened in your workplace, and no one was trained in CPR, that person would probably die.

The regulations only require an employer to “consider” providing a trained First Aider if “there is a possibility of an accident or sudden illness.” This is down to the discretion of the employer, and as a cost cutting measure they may omit the need for one.

Another view on this is also how an employers First Aid training covers workers who travel a lot, or who work remotely or work alone. An employer could consider personal First Aid kits and company phones in case they were needed – however, all they have to do is “consider” this. This links in with the fact that employers are also unaware they also liable under current Health and Safety legislation for employees using their own car for work purpose (duty of care).

However, as an organisation, we want to provide you with the highest levels of safety and training possible. We will provide you with a free risk report of your workplace. Incorporated into this will be an action plan which would highlight any training or measure we would advise you to have in your workplace. This would involve everything from First Aid provision to a cloud based invoicing system, in-vehicle telematics, policies and procedures for fleet, CPC provision, and eco driving courses for current drivers (which have saved our customers 18% on fuel bills in 12 months.