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14th December 2017


What is safe procedure to drive in Snow? What guidance do you provide your employees? The clear advice we would ask you to give is referring to the Highway Code, use as high a gear as […]
14th December 2017

20mph limits in cities

Do your employees know how to identify speed limits? I was going to ask do your employees know their limits but this could be ambiguous. Many limits and areas are being re-designated. The traditional reason (number […]
18th September 2017

Company responsibilities for Drivers

Let us examine – spell out if you wish – a company’s responsibility level for their drivers… who is the “controlling mind” in your company? Where does the buck stop? The Health and Safety at Work […]
23rd March 2017

What effect does an offence have on your company?

Firstly what sort of offence? If one of your drivers commits an offence, such as a moving traffic offence which could result in a fixed penalty notice (speeding, traffic signs / signals, mobile phone offences) this […]