Driver CPC Training

The drivers to a man agreed the course was much more enjoyable than their previous experience of CPC - all our presenters are actually professional presenters and deliver to groups daily. Although they have the knowledge to deliver each course, we concentrate on engaging with the drivers and challenging their beliefs to ensure they get the most out of their CPC training.

Driver CPC has often been delivered by very experienced drivers who are excellent in knowledge, but weak at delivery skills and the course often becomes “boring” for drivers. For anyone to benefit from training there has to be an element of buy-in from the person receiving it, and we include (at our preferred venues) refreshments (tea and coffee) and usually - depending on demand - lunch.

Currently we have two courses registered - Drivers Hours and Vulnerable Road Users. We can cater for company requirements by registering a specific course if required - we are in the process of registering a First Aid course and are taking bookings for this.

Please contact us via the inquiry form to register your interest and ensure we can meet your needs.

The current cycle of CPC finished in Sept 2018 for Bus and Coach drivers, and Sept 2019 for Goods Vehicle drivers. To help companies to plan their training needs and reduce the need to take drivers away from their normal work we can discuss providing regular training (one day per year) for the fleet at a special rate which helps budgeting and productivity.

As with all your CPC courses we include tea or coffee and lunch on the day, and take great pride in trying to give drivers relevant information to help them get to their destinations safer than before.


In 2018 we will have the following courses available

Drivers Hours / Vehicle Checks

A very popular course delivered many times with an enthusiastic reception and excellent feedback scores.

Covers off driver compliance with the mandatory tacho rules and requirements of vehicle checks.

Vulnerable Road Users

Our most popular course with drivers as it challenges their beliefs in a range of areas and helps update them in many areas to help them reduce dangerous situations and in turn collisions and injuries.

Feedback and recommendation has been good and drivers have all said that the day has been far more enjoyable and informative than expected.

Although this version of the course is not FORS accredited one of our colleagues gives us access to it (for any company needing the FORS version).

Driver First Aid

As our trainers are qualified First Aid trainers we offer a driver CPC Driver First Aid course - what better advert for your company than to be able to offer First Aid at the roadside to the general public in the event of a crash?

Who is likely to be held up in a traffic queue or to witness a crash other than a truck or bus driver?

This gives a massive opportunity to the company in terms of Corporate and Social Responsibility… for every 12 clients on the course we donate £50 to Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity to help them keep saving lives across Yorkshire. We can publicise any assistance you give us with this with photo / blog publicity so helping your company profile.

Customer Service

In every business there is a requirement for higher levels of customer service. In this course we will be helping companies remind the drivers of their responsibilities to help satisfy customer needs and create loyalty by ensuring the standards expected from drivers are maintained.

Driving Law

A requested course to ensure drivers have the updated knowledge to ensure they are capable of avoiding unknowingly committing offences. Many drivers are not fully up to date on what the offences actually are so giving them the knowledge can save the company money by preventing offences creating unnecessary points and fines.

This will include speed limit identification, traffic lights, mobile phones, white line offences, drink / drug driving, and a smart motorway section, explaining the offences of lane hogging, undertaking to gain advantage, tailgating and red X offences, including how the smart motorways system works.


Our trainers are all experienced classroom presenters who will engage the group and ensure you have a more enjoyable day. Our feedback scores are excellent and we work to prevent drivers doing the same course twice